It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to join our Shabbat activities while you are in Panama.

The Shabbat schedule is as follows:

Friday evening
Mincha - 6:00 PM
Candle lighting - You more then welcome to light shabbat candles at Chabad of Panama
Kabalat Shabat - 7:00 PM
Shabbat dinner 7:45 PM

Shabbat Day
Coffee and shiur torah - 9:00 AM
Shacharit - 10:00 AM
Kiddush & Lunch - 12:00 PM
Mincha - 5:30 PM followed by Seudat Shlishit, Arvit and Havdalah


This is our registration page system. Please, fill it out and let yourself be guided.


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Please check our Frequently Asked Questions below:

''What do you serve at the Shabbat meals?''
- We serve a traditional shabbat dinner and lunch. the food is prepared by our in house chef. This includes wine, challah, fish, a choice of salads, soup, meats, chickens, vegetables, a choice of side dishes, beverages, dessert. On Shabbat lunch we also serve our famous cholent and cold cuts.

''Do I have to bring my passport with me on Shabbat or fill out a security form?''
- No. No need to bring passport or fill out any security form. When you send your email to register, you will receive a confirmation and this will be enough. 

''Can I come before Shabbat and light Shabbat candles at Chabad?''
- Absolutely. We have a table at the entrance with many candles for our guests to light. 

''What if I will come only for one of the two shabbat meals?''
- We charge $45 for both Shabbat meals and we would love for you to come for both. Unfortunately we cannot split the cost if you cannot come for both meals.

''Do you have a vegetarian menu?''
- So sorry we do not have vegetarian menu. However we have many vegetarian options on our menu. When a dish has meat/chicken/fish we always try to make it visible. If meat/chicken/fish is not visible in the plate it means there is none.

''Do you have a gluten free menu?''
- So sorry we do not have a special gluten free menu. However we are always careful not to mix or touch gluten with non gluten food. If a plate has gluten we try to make it visible, besides for meatballs and shnitzel.

''Can we go for service in another shul and come to Chabad for the meal?''
- Technically yes, however, we are very punctual on the times of our meals and if you go to another shul for the Tefillah you might NOT make it on time for the Kiddush/Meal at Chabad. 

Shabbat Table