Panama city offers plenty of options for getting kosher food, both for eating out and grocery shopping. There are close to 40 kosher establishments in Panama City of almost all imaginable varieties: pizzerias, casual, Israeli-style shwarma/falafel, sushi bars, fancy formal dining restaurants, bakeries, deli's, ice-cream parlors, Starbucks-style coffee house, and more. 

Very few dairy establishments have a good cholov yisroel standard.  
All meat establishments are under  Kashrut of Shevet Ahim,Shechita glatt chalak beit yoseph.

* Not all the restaurants count with a Mashgiach Tmidi

* Not all kosher dairy restaurants are Cholov Isroel


Kosher grocery stores (both are located within walking distance to many hotels)

- Deli K: Located in the parking floor of the Multicentro Mall.
All kosher products. Local and imported from USA and Israel, fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and chicken, fresh fish, bakery, restaurant, take out food & wines.

- Super Kosher: Located in Pacific Center  
All kosher products. Imported from USA and Israel, fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and chicken, fresh fish, bakery, meat and dairy restaurants, Take out food & wines.

kosher restaurants:  Not all dairy restaurants are Cholov Yisroel 


Meat Restaurants:

yoss burger (meat) +50762870059

lula casco (meat) +50764563140

Pita Plus (meat) 

Aria (meat)   +50762593055

Adama (meat) +50762518491

Be Shack (meat) +50768431929 

La Finka (meat) +50760052288

Grila +50767625987

Shawarma24 +50764808524

Tostados 24 +50762278897

Fonda Mi Reinita +50766745194

The Chief (delivery only) +50764304606


parve restaurants:

Sushi Rocket (delivery only) +507 66733434




Dairy Restaurants:

sally bagel (cholov isroel)

la spezia  (cohlov isroel)

Aroma Café (dairy  Cholov Yisroel)

Jeffrey’s Bakery  (dairy Not Cholov Yisroel) *Cholov yisroel pizza* +50762910404 

Pita Pan (dairy Not Cholov Yisroel) 

Kava (dairy Not Cholov Yisroel)

kiki (dairy Not Cholov Yisroel) 


Please see the map below for the locations of the kosher restaurants. Click on the icon to see more information on the particular restaurant.