Chabad of Panama has 3 Minyanim a day all year round.
Please join us during the week or on Shabbat.
No reservation needed in order to join services.
Below is our accurate* schedule:

Shacharit 7:30AM
(Sundays and National holidays 8:50AM)
Mincha 5:45PM

Arvit 6:45PM

Our services are traditional and are conducted in a joyous and casual atmosphere. Children are included and most welcome. We have prayer books that are bi-lingual.
Friday night: Kabalat Shabbat and Arvit 7:00PM
Shacharit 10:00AM
Mincha 5:50PM
Arvit 7:00PM

*Schedule is accurate and minyonim are confirmed all year round. You don't have to contact us to make sure we have minyan when you come, we always do BH.